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We all know it can be tough to break into the media. Difficult to get work experience, difficult to work for free in the hope it leads to a job, difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Our mentoring scheme exists to help the most dedicated and hard working Wannabe Hacks make the most of the opportunities in front of them. By pairing you up with a suitable mentor we hope their experience and guidance will help you refine your career goals and how to achieve them.

Meet the Mentors

This isn’t everyone on our list, but hopefully gives you an idea of the type of people involved

Matt Caines, Editor, Guardian Culture Network

Alice Vincent, Entertainment writer, Daily Telegraph

Ed Walker, Digital Development Editor, Trinity Mirror

Lucia Adams, Deputy Head of Digital, The Times and Sunday Times

Maria Breslin, Executive editor digital, Trinity Mirror Merseyside

Kate McCann, Political Journalist, City AM

Nick Petrie, Deputy Head of News Development, The Times and Sunday Times

Sarah Marshall, Social media editor, Wall Street Journal

Who can apply?

To apply you have to be a Member of Wannabe Hacks (it’s free), after that it’s pretty open – anyone can apply and we will look at each application, decide who would benefit most for being paired with a mentor and connect you with the best person for your goals.

How do I apply?

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